Living room at Ellington Safaris Homestay

The Homestay

Our Ellington Safaris Homestay is a self-catering 3-bedroom apartment with a complete modern kitchen fashioned to allow multiple culinary activities for guests that prefer to be their own chefs. Our living room with a small balcony is the place for our guest to come together and relax.

You can either rent a bed, a room or the whole apartment depending on your needs. Please contact us for availability.

The Kitchen

Our Location

In Kansanga, arguably the most serene and secure place around Kampala suburbs, Ellington safaris Homestay is a modern travelers' apartment strategically built to give our clients a quintessential feel of the beautiful life of Kampala. We often refer to it as 'the easiest apartment to locate in town' since it shares a fence with Kampala International University, making it the ideal abode for visiting researchers.

Our Rooms

Our Rooms

Are three creatively designed, spacious and comfortable arty wonders that suit the multi-cultural background of our guests.

We have a spacious double room, which can also be rented as a single room, with a superior Queen size bed, an en-suite bathroom, impeccable lighting, and superb ventilation.

Visitors can also sleep in our two comfortable twin rooms. The rooms are ideal for small groups of travelers. Each twin room has two single beds with well-treated mosquito nets, a fancy in-built closet, beautiful ventilator-glass windows, and awesome lighting. Our elaborate bathroom is constantly supplied with hot water, and has very clean toilets.

Our neighborhood

Our neighborhood is a ring of some of the finest Restaurants around Kampala from which our guests can place orders in the luxury of their rooms. The restaurants offer a wide range of international and local cuisine. Kansanga is popular as one of the best places for Pizza and roasted Chicken in the city. The area has the highest concentration of foreign-residents in Kampala, and by far the best restaurants for international cuisine. The US Embassy is a walkable distance from the facility. The nights are secure and peaceful. The Kansanga police post is only a stone throw away, and the facility benefits from their tight security and surveillance at night.