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Company Profile

Established in 2009 by an experienced safari guide inspired by his passion about travelling and African wildlife safaris, Ellington Safaris Limited is a registered tour operating company, based in Kampala, Uganda, specialising in high-quality range of tailor-made tour for individuals and groups.

Our Mission

Is to provide outstanding, tailor-made services combined with unforgettable and diverse experiences to all our customers, which suites their interests, needs and budget, whether it is on wide savannah plains, dense rainforests or the snow-capped summits of the East African mountains.

Tailor-made Services

We offer complete, tailor-made services throughout Uganda and Rwanda as well as Kenya and Tanzania including logistics, activities, permits and accommodation.

The Story

Our Story

The history behind Ellington Safaris goes far back and tells the story of two families, one Ugandan and one British, (George William and John Ellington) that first bonded during WWII...which has now inspired their grand-children to establish a company to support a fund for the education of subsequent generations. It's a small but growing operation that is really rooted in the friendship and love three different families found in the natural splendor of Uganda & beyond, and we retain that unique and personal flavour.

The Team

The Team

Our young, dynamic, creative and dedicated team is committed to design, plan and organize amazing and unique safaris in Uganda and Rwanda as well as Kenya and Tanzania. We are ready to work hand in hand with you to create the perfect journey suiting your expectations, needs and budget.

We believe that outstanding service begins with an extensive consultation during the planning process of every tour. We also believe in taking the time to give detailed answers to each and every question of our clients, in order to guarantee absolutely unforgettable memories for everyone.

We guarantee the highest value for money as possible. Founding Ellington Safaris as a result of unlimited passion for the African continent, its´ culture, wildlife and people, which the directors want to share with the rest of the world, the customers' satisfaction is our premier goal for every tour.

Tour Guides

Tour Guides

Ever since founding the company, Ellington Safaris has placed a strong focus on the quality of service and knowledge provided by their safari guides. Our tour guides are all well trained with a wide knowledge about wildlife, nature, culture and history and persuade with many years of experience. Starting as side guides at different national parks and other tourism side, before joining Ellington Safaris, they developed a huge passion for their country and what is has to offer. Some had the chance to specialize in different fields such as birds, primates or mountaineering, so we can assign them according to our client's interests and passions.
After joining Ellington Safaris, every guide was trained for at least a year by our head guide, in order to meet the company's high level of service standard. We make sure that each and every client is in the best hands while travelling with us. Our guides will do their best to make our clients happy and fulfill all their wishes to make their safari truly exceptional.

Safari Vehicles

Tour Vehicle Fleet

Ellington Safaris has invested in the strongest safari vehicles to provide an unmatchable comfort for our travelers. The company is a proud owner of safari vans and land cruisers all bearing the Ellington Safari logo. All our vehicles are 4-wheel drives with pop up roofs, air conditioning and excellent in-built charging systems. The passenger's seats have very comfortable cushions and headrests. The vans are regularly serviced to ensure maximum road safety. Our mechanics work tirelessly to monitor the vehicles - Engines, internal ignition, speed systems, brakes, hub cubs, wheels, lights, bonnets, bumpers, everything - to ensure that they are constantly functional and roadworthy. Our Vehicles are even hired by other Safari companies as proof of their roadworthiness.

Our Services


Tours and Travel

Affordable, exclusive and unforgettable Safari Adventures in Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania.


Car hire and Transfer

Our fleet of well-maintained and customized 4WD Safari Vehicles do transfers throughout East Africa.


Accommodation Booking

We book for you the best and most suitable accommodations from budget to high-end range.